Set a Goal

Set a Goal

No matter where you are on your English journey, you surely have pronunciation goals that you have set for yourself.  Maybe you have big dreams of being able to speak English like a native. Maybe you want to earn a promotion at work.  Maybe you want to study at a university in the US. Maybe you just want to be able to sound cool with your friends.


Whatever your English pronunciation goals are, you have to identify them clearly before you can expect to make any significant progress in the desired areas.


Once you have identified your goals, you will then want to identify the key tools, resources, and people who can help you reach your goals.  Keep in mind that a person is not necessarily able to teach you native English pronunciation, simply because they speak the language.  It is better to seek out someone who has been trained in the field of language sounds and how to pronounce them if you really want to maximize results in this area.


The majority of our students have the goal of speaking English clearly.  They want to be understood. They do not want to have to repeat themselves over and over again because the listener does not understand their pronunciation.  They want English speakers to engage in conversation with them with ease – with a certain comfort level.  It is considered a great compliment in these cases if native speakers understand a non-native speaker’s English with minimum confusion.


Then there are the students who set the goal of sounding as much like a native speaker as possible. They take pleasure in receiving feedback that they pronounce English words like native speakers.  They work hard to master the techniques required to speak a foreign language correctly.  Often times, such individuals are teachers, professors, and linguists.


But, no matter if you simply want to improve your English pronunciation, or learn to pronounce English sounds like a native speaker, or even if you strive for some sort of balance between these two extremes – understanding your goal is the first step to success.  From there, you will need to find a qualified individual who can help you achieve your specific goals.


Students who move forward with learning without understanding their goals often find themselves frustrated.  They go in circles without feeling like they have achieved any significant success.



And as you set your goals, we would like to remind you of the following:  A language cannot cannot be said to be truly mastered unless the speaker communicates in a way that is understood, and unless the listener possesses the skills to decipher spoken language correctly.


Good luck to you as you set your goals and set out to meet them.  We wish you great success on your English journey.  And if we at The Towajo English Language Institute can do anything to assist you, just let us know.


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