Our Services

Our Services

1-on-1 Tutoring

For years, 1-on-1 tutoring has been one of our most popular service options.  However, our attention is currently focused on creating online services and products that students can use to study English pronunciation independently.  If you or your client are interested in private pronunciation tutoring with Miracle, please contact us for additional information.


Executive level packages only. 

Towajo University

Towajo University is not yet open to the general public.  When it does open, university courses will be available to members only.  Our students will be able to take English Pronunciation courses and learn at their own pace.  They will be able to review videos and course materials as often as desired, and without limitations.  Members will have full access to our online courses for the duration of their paid memberships.


Cost: $25/month for unlimited access to all courses.

Study Groups

Study Groups are set up to correspond to each of the classes that students take through Towajo University.  There is no additional cost involved with joining these groups.  They are a free extension of your courses.


Miracle is very active in the Study Groups.  She helps to answer student questions and she even leads some of the Study Group activities.


This is your opportunity to learn from the creator of the course, herself.  Study with your peers in a supportive group environment.  And don’t forget about all of the wonderful friends that you will make along the way.


Cost: Free to all Towajo University Members.

Premium Learning Resources

This is a collection of tools that students use to improve their English pronunciation. Full access to the majority of these resources is included for free to members.  Select items are available for purchase through our online store.


We have materials already created.  And, as our clients indicate a need for additional materials, we develop more and upload them to this section for free. That’s right – our store contains resources for you to add to your shopping cart and download to your computer, completely free!


Cost: Most items are free. (Select items are available for a small fee.)

Google Hangouts

Miracle hosts Google Hangouts for Towajo members. Come to class. Ask your questions. Get feedback on your English pronunciation progress.

Note: There are limited seats available in each Google Hangout.  Participation is largely limited to individuals who actually have a seat in the class.  Seats are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  (In other words, seats cannot be reserved at this time.)


The Google Hangouts are recorded and placed in the member section of the library for your viewing pleasure in the future.


Cost: Free to all Towajo University Members.

Consultation Services

Miracle is available as a corporate consultant to businesses and business professionals in various industries that require their staff to possess clear spoken English skills:


Customer Service
Travel & Tourism
Law Enforcement
(and more…)


Cost: Contact us for more details.

Assessment Services

Miracle personally listens to and evaluates all Assessment submissions.  This service involves the customer answering a brief survey and providing some back ground information.  The customer also records audio of him/herself reading text chosen by Towajo for evaluation.  Miracle spends an average of 45 minutes listening to, evaluating, and providing detailed feedback on the customer’s sounds.  Please contact us for additional information.


Assessment: $50 for each assessment.