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Little Lera

We  are pleased to announce a new addition to the Towajo student family.  She is itty-bitty (very small) and comes to us from Russia at just two and a half years of age.  Her name is Lera.  Her mother has been one of my students for a little over 1.5 years and she has made tremendous progress in that time.  And so, we thought that it would be wonderful to get my student’s daughter started with English as soon as possible and help her to achieve results, as well.


Currently, little Lera has 15-minute lessons each week, via Skype.  Today, she made it to 12 minutes and decided that she had had enough. So, she abruptly hopped out of her mother’s lap and said, “goodbye.”  But little Lera’s mother and I are absolutely thrilled. She is becoming more used to me and she is becoming more accustomed to sitting still for short periods of time.



Lera’s brain is like a sponge.  She stores large quantities of information, and she does so quickly.  Apparently, after her previous 12-minute lesson she went running to her mother to show her the “bee” on her drinking cup.  In her lesson that day, we had gone over the English alphabet and in a picture slideshow, I had shown Lera that the letter “B” was for the animal “bee.”  Not only did she store the information, but she also was able to apply the lesson to real life.


Little Lera has a great mom who is deeply invested in her English education.  She supports Lera outside of class with bite-sized reminders of the things that she has learned in her brief English classes with me.  Lera also has access to lots of movies and games on her tablet.  And so, we work together like a small team.  Little Lera’s mother and I communicate openly about Lera’s English lessons.  She gives me feedback that helps me to create more effective lessons for Lera.  In short, Lera’s mother and I work together to develop the best system possible for her daughter.  And Lera seems to be blessed with natural learning ability. She is extremely bright.  This young child of just two and a half years of age is firmly on her path to learning English – and learning it well.


Nicely done, Lera!  I am proud of you and I am honored to play a role in your education at such an early part of your journey.  The sky is the limit for you.  It is clear that with your natural intelligence and with parents who love and support you, you are going to be successful in this life.




(Note: Updates for Lera will be provided approximately every 3-4 months.)


$100 June Winner: Jadson Teixeira

INNOVA (1809)Congratulations to Jadson Teixeira, the winner of Towajo’s $100 June Alpha-Tester Award.

In the month of June, Jadson gave us a plethora of helpful advice for improving the content of our testing material. Congratulations, Jadson.  We appreciate all of your hard work and we look forward to working with you further in the future.  We thank you for your attention to detail and for your on-going dedication to excellence in English pronunciation.

Jadson is a college student from Brazil.  In addition to assisting us with testing for the month of June, he also maintained a job and was enrolled as a full-time student.  He works hard and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

If you, or someone that you know, is interested in becoming involved with Towajo, it is as simple as signing up for our newsletter.  Please visit our website for additional details.

Happy Studying, everyone!

Grand Opening

The Towajo English Language Institute has undergone a complete re-design.  In addition to our new website, we are also preparing to launch a new line of online services for students who wish to study English pronunciation, independently.


The Towajo Pronunciation System is different from other systems because Towajo actually guarantees measurable results. We have created a unique way of teaching English pronunciation to non-native speakers, depending on the specific needs of the individual.  And to demonstrate the efficacy of our pronunciation system, we have documented the efficacy of our methodologies over the years.  Participating students have been recorded at the beginning of their pronunciation journey, then again at 6 week intervals.  Miracle L. Smith, Towajo’s founder, even uses The Towajo System to learn to pronounce a number of foreign languages clearly: Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Spanish, and Finnish.


Over a period of 5 years, The Towajo Pronunciation System has been used by thousands of students in more than 50 different countries. Until recently, our pronunciation services were mostly available through large companies like LinguaLeo, Verbling, Italki, and Colingo.  But, as of January 18, 2016, we have launched our services independently.


An initial group of Alpha Testers have been enlisted to use our services and to provide initial feedback on their experiences. And we are currently in search of Beta Testers to join our team. All participants receive English pronunciation lessons for free during the entire time that they help test our services.


We invite you to visit the official website to learn more about our unique services.  And if you are interested in improving your English pronunciation for free, we encourage you to apply to become a Beta Tester.  We would like to officially welcome you to The Towajo English Language Institute.


We teach students to speak English clearly, confidently, accurately, and naturally.

Alpha Tester: $100 Prize

Alpha Testing is an important event for us.  Alpha Testers are individuals who have been personally invited by Miracle to utilize the services at Towajo University as our very first students.  On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 an Alpha Tester who has proven to be a particularly helpful participant will be awarded $100 for his/her dedication to our project.


To win, you must excel at utilizing the resources available at Towajo University.  We are looking for a student who is self-motivated when it comes to learning, who is an excellent communicator, and who provides valuable feedback that allows us to improve our services.


Selection criteria will be based on:

  • Course participation & Feedback
  • Course grades & Feedback
  • Forum participation & Feedback
  • Community participation & Feedback
  • Ability to learn independently, with limited assistance from Towajo staff




To claim your prize, you MUST have an active PayPal account that is in good standing, and that allows us to transfer funds to you.  If you do not have an active PayPal account, or if there are issues with your account that prevent us from transferring funds to you, you will not be eligible for this reward.


Unfortunately, PayPal is the only way that we can transfer funds internationally.  We sincerely apologize to participants who reside in countries that do not allow PayPal – but, please know that there will be no exceptions to this rule.


If you are a minor and you do not possess a PayPal account, the prize will be transferred to the PayPal account of the adult of your choosing.


We are not responsible for prize funds once they have been transferred to the indicated recipient.